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-try a new recipe for an event, always practice it at least once so you know what to expect.

-for that matter, never try something brand new for an event, whether it’s a recipe, a new cake foil, technique, freezing a cake, the list goes on and on! If you can, always try to practice something at least once.

-replace an ingredient in a recipe on the first trial run, then if it’s a bad recipe you know it’s not your fault.

-make the cake the day of the event, leave yourself a cushion of a day, 2 if you can spare it so when there’s an emergency like cake spilling into the bottom of the oven and catching on fire, you can make another.

-ask your family how your cake looks. If possible take a picture and send it to a trusted friend or another caker.  Ok….. sometimes this is allowed but brace yourself.

-give a price discount to a “friend”. If you’re referring to a person as a “friend” then it’s possible they are not a friend but someone who might take advantage of your goodwill.

-beat yourself up over an ugly cake. We all have them and sometimes things are just beyond our control. If however you are producing only ugly cakes, it may be time for a change, change of recipes, techniques, styles, whatever. If you have the passion but things aren’t working, be open to change. (and in cases like mine, pray!!)

This entry was posted on February 22, 2013.